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Whereas Winter me is content to binge-watch far too many shows and wait for the snow storms to blow over, in the Summer, I live outside. Fireflies, farmer’s markets, and glowing sunshine help create that warm feeling that only Summer can provide. To truly get ready for such an amazing time of year, these are the things you’ll need to ensure that this Summer is practically magical.

The Perfect Swimsuit

Is there anything more indicative of summertime fun than running through the sprinklers? Whether you’re hanging in your backyard, resting your feet in a kiddie pool, or playing volleyball at the beach, you’re going to need a suit. Pretty, functional, and one that leaves you feeling like your spectacular self is just the beginning when picking out a stunning swimsuit. Take time to find the right piece, or multiple suits, that allow you to move freely and is also comfortable when you just want to lie down and read your latest book.

A Grease-Free Sunblock That Can Withstand Anything

No Summer starter pack is complete without an amazing sunblock. I spend a lot of my Summer outside going on runs and taking my son to various splash-pads throughout the city. I don’t have time to worry whether or not my sunblock is staying on, and I certainly don’t want to feel greasy during my long day (ew)! Skin protection is so important to ward off lasting damage and to prevent nasty sunburns, so make sure to always have this on you

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